Zoo season 3 spoilers: Billy Burke on the hybrid story, Mitch surviving

Billy BurkeWhen Zoo season 3 premieres Thursday night on CBS, the story of Mitch is going to take center stage — and for good reason. Think back to when he was mauled by a hybrid at the end of season 2, and the fact that he may actually still be alive!

Obviously, the sneak peek that is out there suggests that Mitch is still around, but it’s in less-than-ideal circumstances given that the character is being kept alive by some kind of water suspension tank. (We’ve got some analysis of what happened to him over at the link here.) He’s awaiting a rescue, and after that, we expect that he is going to have a huge role in helping stop the hybrids. After all, he’s the only one that’s had a very up close and personal experience with them.

In speaking further about his plight, and also the increased presence of hybrids this season, Billy Burke had the following to preview to TVLine:

“[The hybrids have] taken over part of the planet. All these years, Jackson has been holding them off in what they call ‘hybrid territory,’ which is on the west side of a wall that’s been built down the middle of the United States. You’ll see throughout the season how the villain that put me in the tank ties in to what Jackson’s been doing for the past 10 years, what Abe and Dariela have been doing, and the on on the other side of it, Jamie has been off on her own in New York.”

You’re going to see Jamie in particular in an interesting place when the show returns, having actually profited in some way on the events of the past two seasons. Given everything that she’s been through, it’s hard to really blame her for trying to get something out of this. Plus, it may allow her more resources to accomplish some of her own goals.

Hopefully, Zoo won’t waste too much time before getting Mitch together with the rest of the crew, given that by and large, the biggest thing to be excited about with this show is the idea of the team getting back together. It may been many years removed from their original missions, but getting the team back together to try and find some ways to stop the hybrids is exactly what we are tuning in for (that and our ship of Mitch and Jamie).

What do you want to see on Zoo season 3 for Mitch? Be sure to share your thoughts now in the comments!

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