Pretty Little Liars series finale: Our take on the ‘Wren is AD’ theory

Wren is ADBefore tonight’s Pretty Little Liars series finale airs on Freeform, it is worthwhile that we take on one more theory: “Wren is AD.”

Why is this a theory to consider at all? Well, much of it starts with the fact that this is a theory that’s been out there ever since Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be Charles. There was a massive fake theory at that time suggesting that the doctor was the main culprit, and it makes sense now that he would be a suspect yet again. He’s certainly a creepy, super-shade dude who has inappropriate relationships with teenagers, many secrets, and even at one point in the series finale promo points a gun at someone. He’s also highly intelligent, had access to Radley Sanitarium, and knows where many of the bodies, at least metaphorically, are buried. He would be familiar with Mary Drake just like he was familiar with Charlotte, Mona, and many others.

Oh, and there is of course the theory out there that Wren is secretly related to another baddie on the show in Archer Dunhill, and that these two characters had their own nefarious plans before his death. This could have accelerated the game somewhat.

Now, the question that you really have to wonder with Wren is fairly simple: Why? He’s not connected to the Liars all that often, and hasn’t even been seen on the show regularly for a rather long time. Some of that may be due to Julian Morris’ own busy schedule, but the facts of the matter do remain roughly the same. Wren is a character who’s been lurking in the shadows if he is AD, and if the show wants to go in this direction, they do have to find a way in order to make things work. Unless they have a good explanation, they’re failing there.

Here is the one thing that you maybe can say to justify the idea of Wren being AD: If this is an extension of the whole Spencer twin theory, it makes more sense. Wren’s had an attachment to Spencer from the very beginning of the show, and maybe that has to do with him being familiar with her secret sister. She could be working alongside him to execute many of her plans, and his care for her / frustration over her treatment may be in part one of the reasons for him to act the way that he does.

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