Ink Master season 9 episode 5 return date: Does a human canvas leave?

human canvasMoving into Ink Master season 9 episode 5, the first thing that you should wonder about is the return date. Given that next Tuesday is the Fourth of July, it’s easy to predict that there is not going to be a new episode coming on the air since everyone will be enjoying BBQ’s, beers and friends. Spike will be airing movies instead during the show’s regular timeslot, so you might as well stay out late and enjoy the fireworks. There’ll be some great metaphorical fireworks coming up when the show returns in two weeks.

The first thing that you can expect when the show is back July 11 is some big-time tension between teams, and also more issues with human canvases. For example, Pinz and Needlez are going to be in some hot water when their canvas seems to get up and leave in the midst of a disagreement over a tattoo idea. Hopefully they either come back or another canvas comes in; otherwise, they’re done for.

Meanwhile, there’s another human canvas that apparently passes out in the middle of the tattoo; that could give Classic Trilogy Tattoo some problems if they aren’t able to finish, and with them riding the middle of the competition for most of the season, they really need this win to stand out. They haven’t been in big trouble, but they also haven’t rose to the top, either.

For those of you with a hunger for drama, this episode is going to have that, as well, given that Bubba Irwin is going to make a comment about DTatStar’s ability that leads to a fiery confrontation. Bubba clearly picked up that DTat was the weak link in this past tattoo, but does Bubba really want to get in this situation when DJ’s clearly the stronger link of Old Town Ink? Anyhow, Think Before You Ink hasn’t made many friends, and Made Rich will probably continue to ruffle feathers as he and DTat are in a situation where they have to win many a Flash Challenge to ensure that they don’t get targeted.

As of right now, Unkindness Art and Artistic Skin Design are in the best position to go to the end and win, provided they can recover from tonight’s missteps, but we have to remember that artists like Christian Buckingham, Matt O’Baugh, Katie McGowan, Cleen Rock One and Aaron Is are still slated to come back and these are some of the top artists the competition has ever had.

Who are you rooting for to win this season of Ink Master? Let us know in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to get some other news when it comes to the show, including a review for tonight’s episode. (Photo: Spike.)

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