The Late Show video: Stephen Colbert talks visit to Russia

Late Show videoMonday night’s new episode of The Late Show marks the first appearance of Stephen Colbert on American TV since his trip to Russia.

Just as you would imagine, he had a lot to talk about after the fact. Stephen joked that no matter where he went during his time overseas, he had no trouble at all when it comes to drawing attention from not just Russian Intelligence agents, but also ones in America, as well. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of interest across the board in what was going on with a comedian in a foreign country who may or may not have been up to any good.

The reality is that Stephen was in Russia in order to tape a series of segments that will be appearing on the show soon. He also made a notable appearance on a late-night show in Russia, one where he jokingly claimed he is going to run for President in 2020. The thing that most people forgot about while covering that story is that this is something that Stephen actually did many years ago on The Colbert Report when he tried to run for President in his home state of South Carolina. At the time, he said that one of his goals was just to have one district have to stand up and say that their vote went to Stephen Colbert. Alas, that never came to pass, as he couldn’t get on the ballot because of the belief (understandably) that it wasn’t a serious candidacy.

Beyond of course all of this, Stephen did also joke a little bit more about everything else happening right now in politics, and a few more jokes that are typical of some of his monologues. The Russia material will be teased a little later during his show, so if you are especially curious to check some of that out, we suggest that you take a look at the show live.

Out-of-country visits are starting to become a little more common for late-night comedians — both John Oliver and Samantha Bee visited Russia previously, while Conan O’Brien has done segments for versions of his show Conan in both Mexico and Cuba.

Are you more excited to see Colbert’s visit to Russia, more so than many of his other shows? Then be sure to share below! (Photo: CBS.)

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