Pretty Little Liars series finale: Is Spencer’s twin A.D.?

Spencer's twin

Before the Pretty Little Liars series finale airs on Freeform Tuesday night, we have to address one of the biggest theories: Is Spencer’s twin A.D.?

At the moment, this is probably the #1 theory entering the finale, and for good reason when you start to survey the possible candidates. While there are absolutely some other possible villains out there, whether it be a Lucas or a Wren or a Melissa or even an Ezra, there’s something that this show loves about twins and secret siblings hiding in plain sight. CeCe Drake was actually Charlotte DiLaurentis a.k.a. Charles. Meanwhile, Mary Drake was the Jessica DiLaurentis sister that nobody knew about previously. It’s not that far out of the realm of possibility that Spencer has a twin, one that she even knows about somewhere deep within her subconscious.

There are also a few shreds of evidence out there that this could happen, whether it be some thoughts placed within Hanna’s mind from her kidnapping to Spencer’s own history to the fact that there are so many secrets around her family to begin with. What if, for example, Spencer’s family is aware that there was a twin, and they’ve tried to push her away from Mary simply out of fear that getting close to her would enable her to discover the truth? It’s a possibility, and one that you should absolutely fear.

Granted, there is another big question worth asking when it comes to a Spencer twin right now: How in the known world could this have remained a secret for as long as it has without anyone finding out about it? How are so many secret people able to hide in and around Rosewood without nobody knowing? If Spencer has a twin who’s remained secret for a couple of decades, the show would have to work hard to sell it. The only thing that would be easy to predict is the motive: Revenge, on both Spencer and her friends over the life that she feels that she should have had instead of being forgotten and neglected. It’s a motive caused by her treatment at an early age, and this is the sort of narrative that we know creator Marlene King likes to emphasize. She’s already shown through the story of Charlotte that it is her father who is the true villain as much as anyone there.

Do you think that Spencer’s twin could actually be A.D., provided that she actually has one? Share below!

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