Veep season 6 finale review: A pregnancy, a baby, and a presidency

Veep season 6 finale reviewThe Veep season 6 finale on Sunday night was a story told in many years. We had a chance to see Selina Meyer’s initial concession speech, and we also had an opportunity beyond that to learn a little bit more about how Jonah Ryan first introduced himself to Selina in the first place.

Then, the show moved forward to the present day, then sixteen years into the past, and then back to the present. This almost could have serviced structurally as the series finale when you think for a minute about how much the episode played around with the concept of time.

In the end, though, the main bulk of this story was themed around one key event: Selina and her Presidential library. She’d been planning this big ceremony for quite some time, and of course there was a snag: It just so turned out that this library site used to be where Yale owned slaves. Yale pulled out, and then Selina put her crosshairs on another subject: Catherine welcoming a child, and then taking that over and turning that into her own spectacle.

Right after Catherine gave birth, she proceeded to then name the child Little Richard; from there, she then threw Catherine under the bus in front of everyone while pretending that the library thing was intentional … but as it turns out, it was. She deliberately got rid of the library in order to run for President again. She then broke up with Jaffar since he would be “baggage” for the campaign. He was someone who did actually care for her, but clearly she does care about politics more.

The episode ended with Selina heading back to Iowa in order to kickstart her campaign — while Jonah did the same thing in New Hampshire. Oh, and Amy is pregnant with Dan’s kid.

Final Verdict

There were so many little ridiculous runners in the episode, whether it be everyone Andrew was cheating on Selina with to how Selina was thinking about politics at key events in her life rather than what actually matters more. This was certainly a funny episode, but also a heartbreaking one at times — didn’t you see the look on Selina’s face after she decided to end her relationship?

A fantastic finale — not as shocking as the finale last season, but a great one right away. Grade: A-.

When will Veep come back?

If you head over to the link here, you can get some more news on when the show premieres! (Photo: HBO.)

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