Power season 4 episode 2 spoilers: Could Angela take the stand?

Power season 4 episode 2Power season 4 episode 2 is airing on Starz in one week’s time, and at the center of it is a big question when it comes to Angela.

The promo below (via the network) makes it very clear that Angela is facing some tough decisions as she moves forward into the case. Will she take the stand against Ghost, and feel some of the public scrutiny that comes with that? John is obviously looking to turn this into a high-profile case, which is expected given that he’s a prosecutor who has a taste for the limelight. Angela, an officer of the law, taking the stand against her former boyfriend / criminal, is as meaty a storyline as you’re going to get in the legal system.

This also may be one of the ways that a guilty verdict can be assured. Angela knows (metaphorically) where some of the bodies are buried. She knows Jamie Ghost, she knows what makes him tick, and some of what he’s done. She can help to bury him.

If she does it, that will be another thorn in Jamie’s side. What he has going for him right now is that there is no actual evidence of him being within Greg Knox’s home. He has some legal ground to stand on, and the services of one Joe Proctor on his side. One of the biggest issues that Ghost inevitably faces right now is that he really needs someone on his side to investigate the killer (Mike Sandoval). Unfortunately, the problem here is that nobody even knows that Mike’s guilty of anything. He’s so insulated thanks to his inner circle and being with law enforcement.

What else is coming?

As the promo indicates, the saga of Tariq and Kanan is going to journey on as 50 Cent’s character continues some of his various machinations. Whatever the endgame is for these two characters, you do have to assume that it is going to cause some significant problems. It may not be an enormous problem for while Ghost is behind bars, but it could be a rather big one for when he’s out.

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