The $100,000 Pyramid show: Michael Strahan makes show must watch TV

The $100,000 PyramidThe viewers watching Michael Strahan on The $100,000 Pyramid (airing on ABC) know the premise of the timeless game. For decades the word-association game has offered up hours of entertainment as contestants go head to head in a battle of brain power. This isn’t your typical game show, you have to be smart to win. Not only is it necessary to showcase good clues for the word association, you’ve got to have a partner who can pick up those verbal cues and chose the right answer to win prizes.

Michael Strahan makes the show exciting

No matter how many clues a contestant gives, this would be just another game show if it wasn’t for Michael Strahan. The star has a gift for hosting shows and he has taken over The $100,000 Pyramid in epic fashion. Finding a pulse that makes the show fun, viewers at home are always being gently led as the show reveals the answers.

Often Michael Strahan is overlooked for his TV talent, but in this game show he shines. Funny, smart and always knowing when to fill a moment, he takes the reins and brilliantly brings the show to life every week. Viewers know they will get a good laugh between a competitive round, so they are eager to tune in!

What breathes life into the latest episodes?

The $100,000 Pyramid debuted on March 26, 1973. For over 40 years the fans of the show have watched as the word association game makes competitors worthy of cash. As our vocabulary grows and our technology changes, the show has adapted! Cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices were a distant dream when the show started. People watched because the categories were reflective of the day-to-day journey of our lives and the same principles are true for the 2017 version. However, with all of today’s technology, the show is working double time to make it worthy to watch. The latest episodes have hit the mark when it comes to today’s wordage in the world.

If that isn’t enough reason to watch, then viewers get a dose of some famous faces. The celebrities on The $100,000 Pyramid show have certainly had an intellectual workout. They have brought their A Game which, in turn, has had several contestants walking away with some serious cash. Plus, the famous people have been funny, too, making the show a joy to watch.

Even if you need to DVR the show, Michael Strahan makes The $100,000 Pyramid must watch television. With all of summer’s game shows and programs, don’t forget to put this program on your TV list.

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