Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME: Would you buy any of the inventions featured on the show?

Steve Harvey FunderdomeOn Sunday night Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME will host another round of interesting products to see who walks away with a cash prize based on popularity. The unique show is a combination of a game show and a business investment show. One inventor or startup will be chosen to win cash, but it is the viewers who are the big winners.

A FUNDERDOME? What does that mean?

I looked up the word Funderdome, but it’s not in the dictionary and a quick search online doesn’t offer up much either. The ABC Network describes the show as a seed-funding competition reality series which makes sense. This is a new reality show and a perfect platform for inventors looking for a way to push their products. There is a chance to go all the way with a make it or break it option. Plus contestants could bow out of the competition if they believe they can’t convince the audience of the item being the best invention, but for a lesser amount than the final prize.

Business ideas have taken a turn toward TV

Is it amazing that people looking for funding turn toward television? Gone are the days of going to a boardroom looking for startup funds, instead new entrepreneurs take to the airwaves to show their products to the consumers. Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME is a show all about new inventions and the first response when shown to the consumer (offered by the audience.) It’s an interesting gauge on whether the product would be successful in stores.

Would you buy any of the inventions on the show?

One burning question I have about this show is how likely would a home viewer be willing to buy items showcased on the episodes? Obviously, the winner of the rounds will get money to take home, but technically nobody is really going home a loser. If viewers see an interesting product, wouldn’t they just rush to the web and purchase it? Yes, it’s likely. Other business shows participants have shared that it’s a feeding frenzy after being on reality TV and a huge boost for business. It’s also possible investment groups are watching the show to pick off products perfect for their portfolios and opportunities roll in for entrepreneurs that way too.

Steve Harvey is the perfect host

Host Steve Harvey is an excellent choice for this show. Not only is the fearless host willing to try just about anything so all of the inventions will be highlighted, he cracks jokes along the way. Never missing a beat, he adds so much value to the viewing audience while putting the contestants on the show at ease. He gives everyone a fair shake and the viewers at home love that he’s willing to show how each item works, which is half the fun of watching!

Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME is an exciting show this summer that you really should check out. It’s ridiculously fun and totally mind-blowing to see what people dream up to sell on the store shelves in America. Will I have my credit card out to purchase some of the best items featured? You bet! And you should too!!

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