Poldark season 3 episode 3 review: Is Dwight alive? Demelza’s decision

Poldark season 3 episode 3 reviewOn Poldark season 3 episode 3, change was very much woven into the fabric of the show — with that, let’s start off here with what happened at home.

In Cornwall, George was in the process of taking quite a victory lap after getting his appointment to be Magister. He felt as though he was instantly awesome and wanted everyone to know it. However, his treatment of those in the town, and in turn his treatment of her, has put Elizabeth on age. She wasn’t exactly interested in seeing him take the oath and put on that fancy wig. It took very little time for it to be clear that George as a justice was just as terrible as George without the honor.

While all of this was going on, Elizabeth sulked over her present condition (which continued to include Morwenna’s presence in her life), we saw in turn Caroline and Elizabeth bonding over the fact that both of their husbands were away. Caroline was at one point so desperate to learn of Dr. Enys’ fate that she approached George hoping for answers.

Demelza’s brothers, meanwhile, decided to take it upon themselves to try and resolve matters between George and Ross, visiting Trenwith in order to figure it out. Obviously, this was good news for Drake to get closer to Morwenna. Yet, this snowballed out of control. The plan to be granted land for a Methodist meeting gallery started to get a tad crazier when George connected that Sam Carne was Demelza’s brother and this was all a part of some elaborate / crazy Ross scheme.

Here is the irony: This was just as much a scheme against George as anything, since the end result of this was George and Elizabeth opting to move with Valentine away from Trenwith. All of a sudden, Drake has unlimited opportunities to spend with Morwenna and Geoffrey. Cue the scenes of the two parties running around on the beach with Drake. It’s pretty clear now that Morwenna and Drake are into each other, as if there was any doubt from the moment that the two of them first met. Despite this being a predictable romance, there is something so delightful and charming about it.

As for the brothers, they eventually found a church of their own when it comes to Ross’ storehouse. Maybe he wouldn’t love the idea, but clearly Demelza didn’t love the fact that Ross was staying away so long (or that he left in the first place).

Ross in France

After decided to search for Dwight in assist the cause in France, our title hero began a rather exciting journey. This included him seeing some horrors on the streets and him being hot on. (Hey, Ross was faithful this time!)

Unfortunately, Ross had to spend much of his time in the country defending himself, and that wasn’t enough to keep himself from being questioned at length and in trouble from local law enforcement. Ross found himself in yet another dangerous predicament that he had to escape from, which is a further reminder that Demelza is often right about him going on these adventures.

The good news is rather simple: Along the way during this journey, he discovered that Dwight was alive! After returning, he went and told the good news to Caroline. The bad news is that Dwight isn’t exactly in the place position to survive.

Final Verdict

This was an episode that was about a search, about some frustration, and about finding new homes. It also had a lovely Ross / Demelza reunion. We did enjoy the scenes in Cornwall more than the scenes in France, mostly because it was clear that he would be making it back. (How awesome was Demelza putting Ross in his place near the end of the episode?)

All in all, another fantastic journey into the Poldark world from start to finish. Grade: B+.

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