Pride Weekend: Clarke / Lexa, Ian / Mickey, Callie / Arizona, and more LGBTQ couples we miss

MickeyMrs. Carter: As Pride Weekend winds down, we thought it best to reflect on some of the greatest TV relationships of the past.

For some reason or another, some couples just don’t last. Sometimes, an actor leaves a show or a “creative decision” forces them out. On other occasions, the show just ends and you don’t get to see them anymore. Below, we have featured five of our personal LGBTQ couples of the past decade, what they brought to the table, and what makes us wish that they were back. Hopefully in this era of increased visibility (though there is still work to be done), you’ll get a chance to see even more great couples moving forward. Who are the people and the ‘ships that we miss the most?

Clarke & Lexa, The 100 – This couple is gone by virtue of Lexa’s death on the show, but there is a reason that fan enthusiasm remains as strong as it is. They had so much passion and heart within their relationship that their spirit resonates more than a year removed.

Callie & Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy – Even before Sara Ramirez left the show, Callie was still not in a good place with her ex. It’s a shame, given that when things were going well for the two this was one of the most entertaining relationships on television.

Ian & Mickey, Shameless – One of the reasons why this relationship fell apart is simply due to Ian being in a different place in his life. The struggle with these two is real: They were super-entertaining together, but unfortunately there hasn’t been a way to move Mickey forward so that he is at a similar place in his life to Ian just yet.

Lafayette & Jesus, True Blood – This relationship is really far removed and the HBO show is not even on anymore, but we definitely do miss it given that the two were such an unlikely match in some ways, but also complimented each other perfectly.

Tara & Denise, The Walking Dead – Why did you guys have to kill off Denise? Tara’s probably one of the characters who’s been through the most when you think about it. She’s lost a number of romantic partners, most of her friends from earlier in the show are now dead, and she also had to survive nearly getting killed at Oceanside … to go along with all of the other typical drama that comes with being a part of the zombie apocalypse.

What are some of the LGBTQ relationships that you miss the most? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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