Pride Weekend: Celebrating Stef and Lena ahead of The Fosters season 5

Stef and LenaMrs. Carter: In honor of Pride Weekend, we’re discussing some of the best LGBTQ couples in all of television — who better to celebrate than Stefan and Lena of The Fosters?

Out of all of the couples that are on TV, so much of their popularity comes from their strength and their relatability — they have so much in common with almost any other couple that you know, regardless of orientation or background. They go through conflict together, but they somehow find a way to get through it all. They are strong, supportive, caring towards their children, and go the extra mile. They are effectively the parents that every child should want, since they’ll push their kids to be better and make sure that they always have someone to go to.

Stef and Lena are also the sort of LGBTQ characters that more shows need, given that there aren’t a whole lot of representations of parents in these roles. While visibility for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer characters has gone up over the past couple of decades, many of the roles are often “the friend” or “the sibling” or “the rival’s friend.” Very rarely do we have a case where they are the head of a household, the main character, or someone driving the majority of the story.

While you can argue that Stef and Lena are not the main stars of The Fosters, there really isn’t any one person who falls into that role here. It’s an ensemble show, and they are the glue keeping it together. In this world of so much division both in terms of headlines and in terms of TV character romances, they are one of the rare cases of a relationship that just about everyone can get behind. We hope moving into season 5 that they have more reasons to celebrate being together, but also ways to show their strength. The reality with a series like The Fosters is that one way or another, there is always going to be a problem. That’s just something that you have to understand and prepare for at this point. Luckily, Stef and Lena are better at this than most.

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