Power season 4 episode 1 spoilers: The Ghost problem behind bars

Power season 4 episode 1There are two sides to James St. Patrick, and they will be at the core of the drama on Power season 4 episode 1 on Sunday night. There’s the side of him who is the shrewd businessman and father, but then there’s the also part of him that is Ghost. It’s the kingpin of the underworld, the killer, and the man who is disconnected from much of the world of the day. They aren’t completely separate, and that is a big part of Ghost’s problems. It has to be all or nothing with this identity. Good, or evil. Anywhere in between basically means that he will continue to be Ghost and hold that torch.

This is a reality that Jamie is now facing behind bars at the start of season 4. He may think that he is one way, but his actions are certainly going to suggest something more. In speaking on this story arc further via TVLine, executive producer Courtney Kemp passed along the following message:

“That’s the challenge of the whole series. It’s encapsulated in one sentence: You need to just be James St. Patrick, which by the way, he would like to be able to do. Guess who can’t ever do that? Have you ever seen him be able to sustain a few episodes of what we like to call James St. Patrick sobriety? Ghost pops up at the worst times, all the time. We’re gonna see that.”

The big issue is that any emergence of Ghost is going to make it so much harder for Jamie in trial. He has to persuade a jury that he is not responsible for the murder of Greg Knox, and that should prove difficult when you consider that Angela knows very well some of the skeletons in his closet. She’s more capable of helping to incriminate him than anyone else out there, and this is going to be a problem that rears its head presumably early and often. One slip-up behind bars, and all of a sudden Jamie gets this reputation as this dangerous guy who is out to cause carnage for everyone.

What do you think will happen with Ghost over Power season 4 episode 1, and how do you think this story will end? Share below!

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