Big Brother 19 spotlight: What Jessica Graf brings to the table

Jessica GrafJessica Graf is a Big Brother 19 houseguest here to win the game, and apparently to come back the next season and win that one, as well. There are some elements to her strategy that make us think that she could be fairly good at this — mostly the part of her that has a cockiness about her abilities in there. You don’t always get that, and she could therefore be rather dangerous.

Before we dive any further, can someone please tell Jeff Schroeder to stop saying that the game is suddenly about relationships? Look at the past winners — Nicole, Steve, Derrick, Andy, and Ian. Out of these five, only one of them was in a showmance, and she only won by a single vote in part because of how much time she spent with said showmance.

Current City – Los Angeles, California. She’s originally from Cranston, Rhode Island, and is actually one of just a few contestants this season with significant California ties. (Side note: Here’s to hoping that there is someone named Bryan living in Cranston who runs around saying that he is the one who knocks.)

Age – 26.

Job – VIP concierge. Why put the VIP in front of it? There is probably a big Seinfeld-esque monologue brewing in our brain about who qualifies as a “very important person” or an “important person” or just a “person.” This is a fairly standard Big Brother job for some of the twentysomething women they cast on the show.

Past houseguest comparison – Her favorite houseguest is apparently Janelle, and to be fair, there’s probably some of that confidence. She’s a little more like a low-key version of JoJo from season 14, almost a combination of her, Kara Monaco, and Laura from season 11. She knows the game reasonably well, though not enough to realize that Big Jeff does pre-game interviews every year.

Strengths – She will probably be underestimated just because the early targets are typically the big, hulking guys or the people who put a huge target on themselves. she’s probably not going to do that. We do like that she has a little bit of a conniving side to her — she doesn’t want to go out of her way to be immoral, but she’s willing to play the game and compete. She also understands seemingly the importance of having a good social game and is going to hone in on that.

Weaknesses – Supposedly she is “boy-crazy,” and the mere thought of that sends a deadly chill down our spine that she’ll get in a showmance (even if she doesn’t want to) and be instantly far more boring than she would be otherwise. She’s also probably going to have to play up her goofy side, just because there is this sexist trend of male houseguests wanting to get rid of confident women early on in the game. She needs to stay social and not isolate herself from anyone who could target her.

Prediction – If somehow Jessica figures out a way to become a black widow this season and slowly destroys the men from within, she’ll probably be one of the most popular players of the season. She’s capable of that, but the odds of it happening aren’t super-high given that she claims she wants to pair up with one of the dudes. She has some skills, but won’t stay under the radar long enough.

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