Should there be a Hawaii Five-0 – SWAT crossover in the new season?

Five-0 - SWATHawaii Five-0 may be located in a different city than the rest of the CBS shows out there, but why let that stop the crossover speculation? There are SO many creative things that you can still do within this extended CBS universe, which is basically almost as big as the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point with so many moving parts.

So far, there have been notable crossovers with Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles and also MacGyverand we feel likely like we’re due for more of the latter given the relationship between executive producer Peter M. Lenkov on the two shows.

So what about the upcoming SWAT starring Shemar Moore? That is one of the interesting new series worth circling when it comes to the Five-0 / CBS universe, and for a number of different reasons.

1. No continuity issues – Moore’s old show in Criminal Minds was not a part of this world given that it belonged to a separate studio. Therefore, you don’t have to wonder why Derek Morgan suddenly has a twin.

2. Relative proximity – Like NCIS: LA, it’s a reasonable flight to get to Honolulu from the City of Angels. There could also be a need for some SWAT characters in Hawaii if they are facing some threats that are severe enough. Also, if using MacGyver characters was feasible, you have to think combining these two shows is in some way given that MacGyver films all the way in Atlanta.

3. Story possibilities – Maybe someone like Steve or Danny has a history with one of the characters, and this is a chance to add to some backstory. Or, maybe Kono in the process of stopping the sex-trafficking ring finds herself in Los Angeles in need of reinforcements. There are some reasons to make this happen.

4. One show helping the other – While Five-0 is definitely stable, it never hurts to get it some extra publicity. Obviously, SWAT would benefit from whatever presence in this world that it could possibly get given that it’s a new show.

5. Great action set pieces – We already know that Five-0 is known for this, and some of the scenes that were in the finale were the best we’ve seen in some time.

Do you want to see a crossover happen, or do you want to wait until SWAT premieres to commit one way or the other? Be sure to share below!

Meanwhile, head over here to get some further news when it comes to Five-0 right now. (Photo: CBS.)

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