NCIS has 47 million viewers: More people watch NCIS than live in Canada

47 millionNCIS is a staple in the television world. Agent Gibbs and his team solve crime week after week as the bad guys are brought to justice. The CBS show has become a staple of television on Tuesday nights and it has a big following around the world. Recently the announcement that the show is the most watched drama in the world was splashed on the headlines. (Read the full article over here.)

If you’re a serious fan like myself, the NCIS series has been a staple in your life since it started. You aren’t surprised as this is a great show. You watched it grow into a CBS staple. You saw Agent Gibbs become a leader and then watched his team flourish. It’s been a wonderful experience in the TV world. Diehard fans are thrilled the show, cast and crew are finally getting the attention they deserve.

47 Million viewers? More people watching NCIS than living in Canada?

One odd thing that caught my attention with that announcement is this figure of 47 million viewers worldwide. Yeah, there are six people on my block to watch the show (that I know of), but where are the rest of these people? How does that relate to our world today?

Well, after doing a little research, I’ve found out that NCIS has achieved this feat with the technology boost of watching shows on phones, tablets and streaming TV. Consider how many people 47 million viewers is compared to the population our world.

In 2015, the population of the world was 7.347 billion. That’s a lot of people! Now, if we narrowed down how many of those people watched NCIS, the CBS viewing audience would be more than the population in Canada. In 2015, there were only 35 million people living in Canada And if you wanted to compare it to a European country, the viewing audience of NCIS is a little more than the population of Spain which has 46 million residents. Not too shabby! There are only six countries in Africa that have more people than there are NCIS viewers. It also comes close to doubling Australia.

NCIS: A TV hit show of the world

NCIS has become a TV hit beyond American borders. There is no doubt people around the world love to see what will happen next. Agent Gibbs will be returning in the fall and his team will be on to the next crime. No pressure though. Only 47 million people are watching, which is exactly 94 million eyeballs!

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: CBS)

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