When could Outlander season 3 – Comic-Con details be announced?

Outlander season 3 - Comic-ConAre we almost to the point where Outlander season 3 – Comic-Con 2017 details will be released? Signs point to yes!

The good news at present for all fans of Outlander is that it’s been known for some time that the show would have a presence in San Diego. However, what is a little more unclear are the specifics, including who will be attending, what day it will be on, and what location it will be within the massive San Diego Convention Center and the surrounding area. (Hall H and Ballroom 20 are two of the biggest rooms in the convention; if we had to guess, the show will probably hold its event in one of these two locations.)

Last year, it was around the end of June when some TV studios started to unleash the first schedules for SDCC, and we would imagine that come next weekend or early July, some of the first details surrounding the convention this time will come out. Preview night this year is on Wednesday, July 19, and the convention proper will start on July 20 and will run into July 23.

Here’s a pro tip for those of you who have passes for multiple days: If you want to buy stuff, go into the exhibit halls on either Thursday or on Friday morning, before the crowds start to get truly massive — even then, there will be a lot of people checking out various things. Also, if you see a giant crowd AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you know that it involves some sort of show / movie you care about. There was a Game of Thrones autograph session last year that created a 30-minute traffic jam just in terms of foot traffic … and that was just for people watching the actors sign things.

The Outlander panel, whenever it ends up being, should offer some fun filming stories, some interaction, and also some sort of preview for the third season whether it be a trailer or a behind-the-scenes featurette. Our feeling is that in the event there is no premiere date announced for the new season at the time of the panel, one will be announced during it. That’s around the time Starz will want to start the marketing process.

Ultimately, stay tuned for an announcement soon as to specifics — of course, there will probably be video posted of the panel online shortly after it happens even if there is no stream.

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