Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Matthew Clines a.k.a. panda friend and party guy

Matthew ClinesWe don’t know what in the world to make of Matthew Clines as either a houseguest on Big Brother 19 or a person. He looks a little like Brett Favre’s little brother mixed with some tattooed dude who hangs out at Venice Beach. Based on his conversation with Jeff Schroeder, we actually think that these two guys will probably go to a bar and bro down after the show.

So will this guy’s vibe translate into a good performance in the house this season? We’ll save our prediction for the end of the article, but we do think there is a reasonably good chance that you will be seeing Matthew for a good while over the course of the summer.

Current City – Arlington, Virginia. He’s close to Washington DC, so maybe he’s just looking to come on the show to escape a whole lot of that chaos.

Age – 33. The gray hair definitely gives him the appearance of being older and more distinguished, but as someone who’s going bald at thirty, we certainly do relate to a guy with gray hair who’s just a few years older.

Job – Renovation consultant. The main job for Matthew seems to be working to make renovations happen. He’s a moderate handyman, and not someone who does the heavy lifting himself.

Past houseguest comparison – Matthew may be a Donny Thompson fan, but this guy is almost exactly Big Jeff to a T except with more tattoos. They both have a similar sense of humor, they love sports, and Matthew seems to have the same philosophy that Jeff had before Big Brother 11. We see him being easily popular with much of middle America during the season.

Strengths – Hes going to win competitions, but he’s also not the first person you target as a physical player. He’s also very social but not the most social person on the season. The skill for Matthew comes mostly in that he’s very above average in a wide array of different things, and more than likely that is going to prove to be an incredible asset to him on the show more so than if he was very good at any one thing.

Also, he loves panda videos — that has to be a strength, right?

Weaknesses – He is the sort of guy who at around final six or so will have to win out to make it to the end of the game, since we foresee him being fairly well-liked in the house and someone most of America will get behind. The big problem with this is that he’s probably not going to do that well in the mental competitions. While he’s seemingly seen some of the show, he doesn’t strike us as the guy who’s coming into this season with this vast knowledge of the game that comes from watching a whole lot of it over the years.

Prediction – Matthew is a guy who could perform fairly well this season mostly because he’s fairly well-rounded in many different things and not the biggest threat in any one. He probably looks a little more intimidating than he comes across after you hear him speak, and he’s probably going to be the sort of guy who chills out, gets into a showmance, and come around final 8 is in a power position before someone takes him out.

How do you think Matthew is going to fare on Big Brother 19? Share in the comments!

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