Nashville season 5 episode 15 review: Did Maddie apologize?

Nashville season 5 episode 15 reviewGoing into Nashville season 5 episode 15, one of the things that was beyond crystal clear was simply this: Maddie was in trouble. In the aftermath of her being detained there was a video online, and she didn’t need more trouble.

Unfortunately, she found herself trouble in the form of someone who should’ve been on her side in Liz. Do the two have much of a personal relationship themselves? Not really, but Liz is still living for free with Daphne and Gunnar. You could see the beginnings of some tension between Liz and Maddie courtesy of a conversation that started to bubble over.

So when Liz posted the “white girls matter too” meme online, she did it thinking that Maddie was taking himself a little bit too seriously, but never thought that this would be something that would take over the internet and cause some sort of big stink for her. It was just meant to be something silly and stupid.

We also should mention that Maddie found out, thanks to TV reports, that Clay had a history with the police that stemmed from an incident years before with his mother and her boyfriend. She had to find a way over to his place unnoticed to speak with him, and that is where he laid some of his cards on the table when it comes to his insecurities. This conversation did lead to Maddie making a video apologizing for her actions, but not for standing up for Clay, who she defended publicly after everything that was said about him.

Oh, but that’s not all when it comes to Maddie problems! Remember when Juliette kept the song offer from her last week? Well, Maddie ended up hearing it performed for the first time tonight after she paid Juliette a visit for advice. Maddie doesn’t know the truth yet, but you gotta figure that she will in due time…

Meet Alyssa

Rachel Bilson made her first appearance on the show tonight, and her character, a brand and integration expert, ruffed feathers right away at the label. She’s never listened to country music, and he made it clear that brand integration was the way to the future. While it may not have been appealing at first, that started to change when it was clear that Budweiser was one of these said sponsors.

Also in the world of Highway 65 this week, we saw Deacon and Juliette each do what they could in order to convince Hallie to join the label, while also stripping much of her band in the process. She didn’t want to do that, since her band allowed her to feel a sense of safety. She was “persuaded” much in the way that so many people are in this world.

Weekly dose of Scarlett / Gunnar drama

The big issue we’ve had with this storyline is that, other than some Deacon advice scenes, it feels very much disconnected from the rest of the show. Scarlett was struggling to think about her future with Gunnar, especially when it comes to being physical with her.

Final Verdict

The Scarlett / Gunnar story still isn’t doing much for us, and while we did enjoy the evolution of Maddie and Clay, the downfall of the social-media situation with her and Liz was so predictable. The moment that the meme went viral, we knew what the consequences would be.

One thing the show did do a very good job of tonight was crafting a realistic narrative to the world of country music, where one mistake can lead to the entire community abandoning you. It’s so high-stakes, and you don’t know what’s going to happen as a result of just one “indiscretion.” Grade: B-.

What’s next on Nashville season 5?

You can head over to this link in the event you do want to get some other news regarding what’s next! Be sure to check that out. (Photo: CMT.)

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