The Gong Show Premiere: Where can fans get a gong (and mallet) to play along?

The Gong ShowOn Thursday night the premiere of The Gong Show has people excited to watch ABC. The TV program is a reboot of a 1976 classic game show. This show has gone through different cycles over the years, but Chuck Barris has always been the host people remember the most. There always seems to be plenty of crazy performers just waiting to try their luck too. In 2017, fans get an updated version of this beloved show and people are already talking.

The Gong Show appears to be just as wacky as before

Part of the allure of this game show has always been how bizarre it is compared to other programs. The 2017 version is no exception. First, there is the host Tommy Maitland. Introduced to America for the first time, the British comedian already has people talking about this background. Many are wondering if this is Mike Myers in disguise or actually a chap from over the pond. A quick online search reveals it’s anyone’s guess and part of the fun as viewers make their own decision watching the show…

Who will get the mallet first?

On the premiere episode of The Gong Show, it’s Will Arnett, Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis who take the first crack in judging the performances. As previous performances in the past have shown, the opportunity to impress is limited. If the act is so bad, one of the stars will pick up the over sized mallet and strike the gong. This portion of the show is part of the fun as the anticipation builds in the audience. The air can be cut with a knife as viewers hold their breath to see who can’t take the performance anymore. What makes the show delightful is the offhand comments heard from the judges about the act. Viewers know it can get pretty hilarious at times making it worthy of watching.

The strike of the Gong! Where can fans get a Gong like the show?

Wouldn’t it be nice if fans could have a miniature gong to play along with The Gong Show? Think about how epic this would be. You are intently watching the act on television and decide the act is not to your liking. You pick up your mini mallet and smack the gong with all your might. The noise shocks the neighbors, your dog starts barking, but the decision is final. The gong has spoken.

In Hollywood you can easily buy a gong to sit on the corner of a desk for fifty bucks or less. You can also purchase one on Amazon, eBay and other outlets. The best part is you’re only using the gong at home when watching the show. Multi-purpose this noisemaker! Take it with you to work during the other days. Start swinging that mallet during those boring meetings so you can let your opinion be heard. Who knows, maybe your boss might take a hint if you bring your gong to the budget meetings and make your mallet do the talking! (Then again, maybe not.)

The Gong Show premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. Check out the previews below featuring The Uni-Piper and more! (Photo: ABC.)

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