Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Ramses Soto, cosplay artist and much more

Ramses SotoRamses Soto is one of our favorite Big Brother 19 houseguests this season for a number of reasons — he’s enthusiastic, likable, he’s done his homework, and he understands what he needs to do in order to win. It also helps that he’s a cosplay artist and we’ve done a tiny amount of that in the past.

Below, you can get our quick take on what he brings to the table both socially and strategically, and why everyone should be worried about him.

Current City – Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dan Gheesling is obviously the most famous Big Brother alum from Michigan; even if Ramses wins, he’ll have a hard time topping him.

Age – 21. He is the youngest person in the game, and while that can at times be a negative, just remember that Ian Terry and others have won the game before despite being a very young age.

Job – Student / cosplay artist. Hey, he’s only 21! What else would he be doing.

Past houseguest comparison – He really looks up to Dan, but he doesn’t have the same vibe as Dan in the slightest. We’d say that he’s more of the love child of Steve Moses and Andy Herren in that he’s got a lot of the same awkward energy that Steve had, but also seems to be incredibly social in the same way that Andy was.

(Fun tidbit: Dan said on Twitter following the cast announcement that he spoke to someone on the phone and they didn’t ask him for advice — given that Ramses is from Michigan, it’s possible it’s him.)

Strengths – He’s obviously very smart and while he’s only recently discovered the show over the past couple of years, he’s went back and studied the game hard. He knows fairly well what to do in every given moment based on the way that he interacts with people in life. He’s also aware that he’s not going to be that physical.

Weaknesses – Much of this is going to come down to how aware the other players are at his abilities in the game. He’s actually far more threatening than any of the hulking guys since so many competitions are mental these days. If someone figures that out, his goose is cooked.

Beyond that, though, Ramses has a lot of what you’re looking for from a Big Brother player, someone who is smart, social, and knows not to take anything too seriously.

Prediction – Ramses wins if he makes it to the end, and he’s almost certainly a lock for the jury just because he’ll probably do a great job of covering his bases with so many different people. Even he was the mystery guy who declined Dan’s advice, he may still be just fine.

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