Pretty Little Liars series finale: Looking at the ‘Paige is A.D.’ theory

Paige is A.D.From now until the Pretty Little Liars series finale airs on Freeform, one thing we’re going to do is put on a Sherlock Holmes hat and think about various A.D. theories. Out of the ones that are out there at present, the “Paige is A.D.” theory is certainly one of the most head-scratching.

First of all, the biggest thing worth stating among all theories is that this better not be some Jedi mind-trick and it turns out that someone like Emily or Hanna was A.D. this entire time and nobody knew it. We’re all for the characters on the show playing games, but for the show itself to do that by omitting a huge part of a main character’s life is akin to taking six DVD collections (people do still by those!) and burying them with all of the Rosewood dead people that have accumulated over the years. About half of this town is probably dead by now.

When it comes to Paige, the first thing worth noting is that she’s been around for almost the entire series. She’s got that sort of planted history unlike an Addison or a Tanner or someone else who showed up in the middle / near the end of the run. You want your A.D. to have roots, and she has that. She also has a history of anger issues, and maybe she learned to channel them better over time.

Why would A.D. be in love with Emily? – Maybe this was an unintended consequence. Or, it was a deliberate move so that she could get closer to her enemy. Or, maybe there really IS that thin a line between love and hate.

She’s been around for much of the new story – Paige left Rosewood before the Charlotte storyline was over, but she was back almost immediately after the time jump to take on the Athletic Director position — or A.D., for short. She’s got a suspicious job, and one that keeps her close to Emily so that she can monitor that situation.

A relationship with many of the other characters – It’s easy to imagine Paige interacting with many of the other suspicious people we’ve seen over time like a Lucas, a Jenna, or even someone like a Wren. She can be rather social.

A hatred for Alison that she can’t bottle up – She didn’t like her getting to Emily, and even though she didn’t kill Charlotte, it’s not all that hard to imagine it.

The biggest reason for her to not be A.D. is because so much of her story is geared around Emily and to a certain extent Ali. What’s the motivation to torment someone like an Aria or a Spencer? There would have to be a crazy amount of explanation, so much so that it may not cut it in a two-hour episode.

Do you think that Paige is A.D.? Who is your suspect at the moment? Sound off in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you do want to see a video preview for the series finale! It’s going to be a crazy one… (Photo: Freeform.)

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