Could you Beat Shazam? Jamie Foxx joined by MC Hammer as contestants compete for cash

Beat Shazam

In a few notes, who can identify a song? Beat Shazam, a new game show on FOX, answers this question in front of a live studio audience with a few lucky contestants walking away with cash. This week the show continues with special guest MC Hammer joining the fun.

Watching the show, it’s pretty obvious that some folks have a soul that absorbs music. Excited to be on stage and willing to push the limits, the contestants embrace the beats and come up with the necessary answers. At home, viewers watch (and yes, we yell the answers at the TV too) as the correct response is revealed. This show is mind blowing and it just keeps getting better week after week.

Based on the popular app Shazam, the show Beat Shazam offers a human approach to what computers can do in seconds. The idea of identifying millions of songs in a matter of seconds is mind blowing. Compare this knowledge to a single person and humanity quickly realizes how lucky we are to be living in 2017. It’s hard to remember thousands of artists and titles from decades of music. Keep in mind there is already so much to remember in our day-to-day lives. For fans of the app, it’s the perfect tool when trying to find a name of a new band or catch a song title when hearing a newly released hit from an artist.

If you are not excited enough, hopefully the preview video below will help with that.

Jamie Foxx brings the game show to life

The talented host, Jamie Foxx knows his music and he loves to crack a joke just at the right time. Tossing away the canned feeling, Foxx has found an amazing balance to produce a high energy show that makes you want to watch more. Viewers are looking forward to tuning in to see who wins and what Foxx might have to say.

Adding MC Hammer to the mix this week is a big boost for music lovers. Yes, it’s Hammer time! Here’s to hoping the talented artist might open up his private playlist to share what he loves to listen to when relaxing at home. There are no other game shows currently on TV offering so much excitement to viewers. We need to borrow MC Hammer’s slogan to describe Beat Shazam this season: “U Can’t Touch This.”

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