Pretty Little Liars season 7: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

CharlotteThere have been many questions related to Pretty Little Liars throughout its seven-season run, but this is the big one: Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? Tonight’s episode promised some answers going into it, and throughout this article, we’re handing down that answer.

going into the episode, one of the big theories was that it was Mona who did the deed, given that she had the means, the motive, and also potentially the opportunity. We know already that she has a habit for doing some really terrible, evil stuff.

Well, it turned out that (seemingly) in this case, the death was as predictable as it seemed: Mona actually did kill Charlotte, but she did it for a different reason than you would originally think. She actually did it to protect the Liars and herself more so than to kill her. She knew that the game wasn’t going to stop, and with that, she thought that removing Charlotte from the equation was the only way to do just that. It was another calculated move from someone who over time has been certainly known for just that. We’re not going to give the show huge brownie points here for creativity, just because everyone saw this coming and promotional photos from before the episode aired even seemed to suggest this on some level. Nonetheless, it was still endlessly entertaining to see it all play out, and the story made sense. We care more about the killer having a good motive than it being some sort of epic jaw-dropper that stuns the universe as we know it.

Well, here’s the twist: Mona didn’t actually mean to kill Charlotte. It was more self-defense than anything else.

In other news tonight… Basically, Tanner got a chance to do something that she’s wanted to do for a rather-long time now, and that is catch the Liars in the act. Oh, and Mary Drake took one for the team in a way that is going to break many hearts and realize that this was a rather different character than who we first perceived her to be. She took the fall for Spencer, and with that, her arc may be complete.

What do you think about the Charlotte reveal, and was it to you worth all of the hype leading up to it? Share in the comments below!

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