Star Trek: Discovery reasons behind delay revealed

Trek: DiscoveryThere are two reasons why Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed seven months from its original premiere date. One of the reasons was the show wanted to wait for star Sonequa Martin-Green to finish her time on the Walking Dead. However, the second reason may be the biggest one of all.

According to Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg were faced with the challenge of world-building a new series that would live up to its hype. Harberts explains this challenge further:

“There’s so much artistry and custom craftsmanship that go into every prop, every costume, every set. These things have to be designed and manufactured. We flew a costume designer to Switzerland to pick up the fabric for the Starfleet uniforms. Several items on our uniforms are 3D printed. Some of our sets take over six weeks to make. CBS has given us the time and the money to make something the fans will find worthwhile. “

Berg also spoke about how the show is giving a 110 percent effort to bring the series to life.

“You can’t cut corners or have 95 percent of what’s on the screen be completely original and inspired and then have five percent something you bought at a store. It has to be cohesive- and it is. I’m so proud of what’s on the screen, it’s so beautiful and it’s taking world building to a whole new level.”

Berg and Harberts are also playing with the concept of expectations and how much of the new show they want to give away in advance. For example. the fans believe that they know what the bridge of the U.S.S Discovery will look, based on the trailer. However, the bridge shown is actually the aboard the U.S.S Shenzhou. This ship is entirely different from the Discovery and was also built by the production. The actual bridge on the Discovery has yet to be revealed…

CBS announced that Star Trek: Discovery will debut on September 24. It will premiere concurrently on both CBS and the All Access streaming service before then shifting to the streaming service exclusively for the weeks coming up.

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