Shadowhunters season 2 episode 13 review: That Jace – Maia moment…

maiaShadowhunters is a show that does often rely on the unexpected to create some big moments, but even with that, the moment tonight was more unexpected than most.

After all, who predicted Maia and Jace getting a little bit frisky with each other, and right now? What in the world spawned that? Superficially, it feels like a reaction to their feelings elsewhere and their desire to prove to themselves / each other that they are not anywhere near as into either Simon or Clary as they are. It was aggressive, sudden, and it came after an episode filled with all sorts of conflict and different positions being shifted around. Jace, for example, got some power as the head of the New York Institute, but soon after that decided that he didn’t quite want it and shifted it instead over to Alec.

Meanwhile, Simon is preparing to have more of a presence in the music scene, thanks in part to Clary’s reassurances to go for it and her pushing him hard by booking him one of his first major gigs to go along with it. His status in the vampire world is rising, and he’s okay with the part of this that involves him getting more people to turn up at some of his shows.

Beyond the Downworlder / Shadowhunter conflict, there weren’t too many major revelations this week and you should probably think of this episode more as a chance to take in a few deep breaths and start to prepare yourself more for some of the battles to come. Oh, and you can take another deep breath to go along with that thanks to the fact that Magnus didn’t find himself going astray from Alec, something that we’ve been worried about ever since everything that happened with Valentine and the possession that took place recently on the show.

There may still be a time to worry about this more down the road, but we’re not at that point as of yet.

Final Verdict

This wasn’t our favorite episode of the season, mostly because we’re not sure we get on this new ‘ship for Jace and for all of the hype around building conflict, nothing got to the level where our jaw was on the ground. Still, we will give the show some credit for continuing the layer through all of the emotional stories for these characters. Grade: B-.

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