Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Christmas Abbott, Crossfit guru, author, and more

Christmas AbbottChristmas Abbott is certainly going to get attention on Big Brother 19 because of her name, but it’s far from the only interesting thing about her. She’s one of the more intriguing people on this season in terms of her background, and for the most part, she’s got all of the necessary tools in order to win this game. It’s too bad that there is one key thing that is probably going to hurt her at some point during the season.

So what are the tools that she is bringing to the season that could be effective for her? In the spotlight article below, we do our best to map some of that out.

Current City – Raleigh, North Carolina. She’s originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, and has traveled pretty extensively — she’s worked as a contractor for four years! That’s life experience if there ever was such a thing.

Age – 35. She’s crammed a lot into that time, especially in terms of Crossfit competitions, traveling, and writing books.

Job – She’s labeled as a fitness superstar, but she’s also done a number of other things as mentioned. She is also the first female pit crew member for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Past houseguest comparison – It’s pretty awesome that she is a big fan of Helen Kim from season 15, which suggests that she’s going to lead more with her brain than her brawn. We’d actually say that she’s a combination of Helen and Elissa Slater rolled into a single person.

Strengths – She’s probably capable of winning any challenge. She’s smart, resilient, and built well for all of the endurance challenges that are designed for this show. She’s also interesting enough that people may want to keep her around just because they want someone to talk about serious stuff outside of the game with. She also clearly knows the show fairly well if she’s willing to name-drop one of the few season 15 contestants who are well-liked.

Weaknesses – She realizes that there’s no way to hide her fitness background, and that’s going to make her a target just because everyone will know that she’s a big threat. Often early on we do see people threatened by the strong, physical woman, especially the guys who don’t know how to handle that and freak out like cowards. There may also be a perception that she already has some notoriety and success and people could hold that against her.

Prediction – She may almost be too good on paper for Big Brother given that there are several reasons for her to get targeted. If she lays low, her ceiling is probably mid-jury because she’s too big of a threat to get close to the end. If she does manage to get there, she’s so well-spoken that she wins in a heartbeat.

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