Big Brother 19 spotlight: Meet Kevin Schlehuber, stay at home father of 7

Kevin SchlehuberKevin Schlehuber has seven children; with that, he’s probably going onto Big Brother 19 to get some decent sleep for the first time in several decades. He looks a little like either a kooky science teacher or the owner of a magic shop that tries to tell you magic is real. He’s also apparently go stories for days and we rather enjoyed how he confused the heck out of Jeff Schroeder in his pregame interview on CBS All Access earlier this morning.

In this spotlight, let’s go through why Kevin is probably this season’s sneaky older contestant who will probably never win but should entertain us for however long he is around.

Current City – Boston, Massachusetts. Kevin’s apparnetly lived on the bad side of town at times in his life; on the flip side, apparently he won at one point in his life the city’s dunk contest. Random, no?

Age – 55. Hooray to CBS for casting older people! They still have work to do, but at least there are several people 30+ on this season.

Job – Stay-at-home dad. He’s got a talent page online, which suggests that he’s either done acting / modeling or wants to do some. This may explain how he got on the show; he did some modeling years ago now he set that aside for his family.

Past houseguest comparison – He claims that he met Derrick from season 16 once, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is his favorite houseguests. We would say that his entertainment aspirations make him a little bit like Casey from Big Brother 11, but him having his own name for hashtags and being somewhat oblivious to what’s hip in 2017 has Jerry from season 10 / Karen from this past Big Brother Canada season written all over it.

Strengths – He’s probably not going to be overly grating in that he’s not some super-cocky old guy who seems rarin’ to go in and play hard. He’ll have a lot of stories to tell and should know how to be a father figure. Many of the people on this show are probably the same age as some of his daughters! He’s also in reasonably good shape, so he shouldn’t be a total flop during any of the challenges.

Weaknesses – He sticks out like a sore thumb because of his age. If there’s ever a time where people are looking to get rid of someone, it’ll probably be him. We also think that he’ll struggle to play that cutthroat of a game, which suggests that he won’t be able to build a resume if he is to make it pretty far. He’ll likely just be seen as the off-kilter older guy who isn’t a threat and can be left alone for a while.

Prediction – We don’t think anyone is smart to dispatch of Kevin early just because he’ll probably be a loyal ally to someone and he’s not going to be a huge physical threat. He could be a possible finalist, but there’s no clear path for him to win.

How do you think Kevin is going to fare on Big Brother 19? Share in the comments!

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