Candy Crush: Sweet fun as a fan loving online game turned TV show

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is an addictive game, there’s no getting around that. The online game is fun for all ages and now it’s a game show over on CBS. Are you ready to watch people swipe, match and crush to win? Yep, it’s now a live action game show airing this summer.

Anyone who loves the game knows this live game show is a dream come true as people spend hours playing online. Who would have thought a unique game like this would be converted into a game on TV? Even the board is big as it appears to be four floors high. This idea is one of the best game shows released in years.

The premise of the game Candy Crush (just in case you haven’t played it before) is to line up different candies in rows or columns with a minimum of three candies of the same color. The more candies you line up, the bigger the prizes. This keeps happening until you run out of moves. Players try to rack up as many points as possible. There are special candies that blow up entire blocks, candies that take out entire lines and combinations that can score massive amounts of points when used correctly. The bigger the score, the more addictive it becomes (and the more likely you will win). There are many levels that offer hours of entertainment and people love playing tournaments online. The TV show version appears to have different levels too.

Candy Crush a TV show? Yeah, it’s going to be epic

Now converting this game into a show must of had the TV executives thinking about how to make it TV friendly. The television show isn’t just about matching symbols and getting the most points. Of course, contestants want to win, but there is more. Adding an extra level of focus, the game show seems to have some serious physical opportunities to overcome when competing with the interactive game boards. One of the biggest challenges seems to be the oversized game where contestants need a ladder or suspended platform to reach the different squares. Another is two contestants connected at the hip, with a pole in the middle, to make it hard to move and play.

Candy Crush kicks off with Survivor, Big Brother contestants

The Candy Crush premiere is going to have a bit of Survivor and Big Brother flavor too. Fan favorites of the two CBS reality shows are the first contestants. As viewers know, there is some fierce competitors on both shows, so the high energy will kick off Candy Crush too.

Candy Crush: A sweet treat for July TV

Candy Crush fans might be thrilled to watch the premiere on Sunday, July 9, but so will anyone who loves technology. The show is featuring some of the next generation technology and it visually looks stunning. Add Mario Lopez in the mix as the host and this show is nothing less than a sweet game for summer viewers!

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