Veep season 6 finale spoilers: The library groundbreaking

Veep season 6 finaleNext week, the Veep season 6 finale will be here on HBO, and with that, we’re getting another ridiculous opportunity to see Selina’s legacy in the making.

To be specific, next week much of the surprise is coming in the form of her Presidential library and a groundbreaking ceremony like no other. She has been waiting for an extremely long time in order to find a location for this library, let alone find the funding and get it off the ground. The entire buildup towards this ceremony has been wonderful and in true Veep fashion, mostly in that we’ve been waiting for the better part of several episodes to see a library erected in honor of a woman who was never elected President, replaced someone who resigned, and then lost out on becoming re-elected in one of the most insane fashions possible. She did make history, but her resume as President is one that has many a poor mark on it from start to finish. The blowback is going to be a tricky, difficult thing for her to handle, even if she in part should be used to it by now.

The promo below features a series of funny little moments, whether it be Selina dealing with more critics of her personal appearance to a whole lot of shade being thrown at people who are like Gary. The big twist? Gary doesn’t even seem to notice that it is happening right before his eyes. Pretty vintage Gary in terms of his ability to pick up on basic context clues that are around him.

This episode could very well feature another enormous twist, given the fact that the one that aired last year changed the entire structure of the series. We didn’t know how the show would recover from that; honestly, we figured there was a chance that Selina was just going to become President again in a couple of episodes and the show would continue almost as though nothing even happened. We’re happy that this didn’t happen, and the show found a way to emerge even better from the rubble of what they could’ve decided to do.

What do you think is going to happen on the Veep season 6 finale, and what do you think should? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, you can head over to this link in the event you do want to get some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: HBO.)

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