Simon Cowell’s infectious smile is exactly what TV needs: AGT judge helps others

America's Got TalentSimon Cowell seems to be smiling more then ever on television lately and with good reason. Viewers of the popular reality show America’s Got Talent are seeing how this popular judge is attracting more attention than ever before with this season of the show. Ladies, in particular, are cooing over the man and they don’t even care if he likes their performance. The audience at home (both guys and gals) have also noticed a difference in Simon Cowell too. The judge appears to be smiling a lot more when watching contestants.

Simon Cowell smiling? It’s infectious!

While watching the past few episodes of America’s Got Talent, I started counting the number of times the camera flashed to Simon Cowell as he looked happily at the performance before him. There were dozens of big smiles, half smiles and even a few perplexed, friendly smirks as he looked on. I realized he was smiling so often it was becoming infectious. He would smile on camera and one of the other judges would smile. I was even flashing a smile around the empty living room. Simon Cowell and America’s Got Talent has viewers joyfully watching the show, which is really what summer is all about. Smiles and fun.

America’s Got Talent is just beginning the new season and it appears viewers are in for a fun summer. It’s been a season of intriguing acts, thoughtful dialog among the judges and plenty of laughs. I guess that’s the description of a perfect reality show, right? It’s the best season yet and with Simon smiling, it’s beyond what any critic predicted.

We all need to be more like Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell might be working his TV magic right now on America’s Got Talent, but viewers know there is more compassion to this man than a few smiles. The entertainer and celebrity shared his intention to record a charity single to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Using his contacts in the music business, it appears he is hoping to line up some big names. The goal? A single to sell and the funds go to folks who lost everything in the massive fire.

In today’s world, there are plenty of people giving their opinions about situations, but few individuals are stepping up like Simon Cowell. He’s using his connections, finding ways to help others and then making things happen. It’s quite impressive.

Honestly, we all need to be a little more like Simon Cowell. A quick look at the news confirms that our world and our neighbors could use a little help. We may not have an elaborate Rolodex of celebrities like Cowell’s address book, but that doesn’t matter. We can all make the world a better place if we step up and decide to engage with what we do have. And that’s truly something to smile about!

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: NBC.)

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