Better Call Saul season 3 finale spoilers: Hector’s new operation

Better Call Saul season 3Better Call Saul will air its season 3 finale on AMC Monday night, and one of the saddest moments of the series will be during it.

Sure, this is a show that has a fair share of depressing moments, whether it be Chuck’s condition or how far Mike is willing to go to take care of those close to him. Yet, the saga of Nacho and his family may be at the top of the list given that, on some level, we don’t think that Nacho is necessarily a bad guy. He’s just found himself in a difficult position because of a poor decision that he made to get in with the wrong people, he is still paying for that, and could be paying for that for a little while depending on what happens in this episode.

If you recall, last week Nacho visited his father, and in the process made it clear to him that he would end up having to use his shop in order to harbor Hector and his new operation. This, in turn, may be one of the saddest things we’ve seen just because Hector’s father is an honest man living an honest life. Nacho assured him to go along with the plan even though it’s painful, and this is us hoping that he will be able to do something to be able to change things.

The biggest hanging chad when it comes to Hector is a fairly clear one, given that we know a thing or two already about his stroke and his confinement to a wheelchair in Breaking Bad. When you consider that, you do have to think that there is something that is going to happen on Better Call Saul to get him to this point and that the show isn’t just going to gloss over that. After all, if they were to do that, it’d be beyond cruel for everyone out there wanting some answers.

Also, seeing Nacho get back at Hector in a way in the finale would be delightful beyond measure. The unfortunate thing about it is that we don’t see both and his father surviving, given that so much has transpired already and he’s playing with fire by trying to get vengeance on such a dangerous man. Clearly, Hector lives to tell the tale through Breaking Bad; the fact that Nacho is not on that show likely says volumes.

Where do you think things with Hector and Nacho end up in the Better Call Saul finale? Be sure to share in the comments!

(Photo: AMC.)

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