Poldark season 3 episode 2 review: Ross’ choice; a Morwenna romance blossoms

Ross' choiceLast week, the Poldark season 3 premiere introduced us to Elizabeth’s baby Valentine, Demelza’s brothers Sam and Drake, and a possible romance between Drake and Elizabeth’s cousin and new live-in nanny Morwenna. Oh, and Ross also did strike a deal with George to create a little more peace surrounding both of their lives.

As a result of this agreement, tonight’s episode began with Ross issuing a stern warning to both Sam and Drake to steer clear of Trenwith at all costs. He does have some other priorities at this point, including his wife becoming pregnant once more. We also learned more about how the Carnes are present now to serve out as Methodist missionaries, trying to make good on some of their fathers’ wishes.

Back at Trenwith, meanwhile, we saw that Elizabeth was none too keen of Morwenna’s presence, as she was growing closer with her son. Consider this another sign that George is a complete heel. Luckily, the arrival of Verity helped to make her feel better … even if it was brief. Young Valentine was baptized, and Elizabeth tried to make some more memories for her future — without people who were once close to her. It’s too bad for her that Verity also took off and took Caroline with her.

George himself also helped to cheer Elizabeth up by giving her the rather-lavish gift of some new jewelry.

New adventures

For those of you who love to see Aidan Turner trotting around on the beach, this was the episode for you. He and the Carnes brothers ended up finding the remnants of a ship, and we saw the matter-of-fact way in which they interacted with Ross. While the whole quest to find ship remnants proved to be entertaining, you knew that there was going to be trouble here.

When Sam and Drake started to haul their plank back, they ran into a problem: A warning sign that they were entering Trenwith territory. They decided that they were going to risk it, and in the process they ran into Morwenna and Geoffrey. Of course, Drake took advantage of any immediate opportunity to flirt with the target of his affections.

As soon as Geoffrey learned that it was possible Drake and Sam were related to him, he of course opted to take advantage of that! He guided his new caretaker on a bit of a journey, even to this foreign territory, and Drake took them on a tour. We do admit that as troublesome as this journey may be for the trio, it was visually rather stunning. If there was ever a show that hypes up the beauty of its natural filming location, it’s this place. We also do totally ‘ship Morwenna and Drake given that this is as much of a Romeo & Juliet situation as this show is ever going to give you. The only thing that’d make it worse is if Morwenna was a relative of George’s.

Could Ross leave?

One of the things that we’ve learned about Ross over time is that he is thirst for adventure, often to the detriment of those around him. This time, he’s got an invitation to head to France. Demelza doesn’t love the idea of him going away, but there is a concern for Dwight and there are other opportunities that may await him there.

As the episode went along, it only became all the more clear that Ross was going to need to take the trip, and that Dwight was in grave danger. The show chose to express that in a rather unorthodox way for them, giving you flashes of his struggle with flashes of Caroline’s own concern. Ross eventually ventured out aboard his ship, and with Demelza looking on with concern, the two parties were split up. They may be in a better place than they were following his infidelity, but we’d also struggle to say that they are peachy, either.

Final verdict

Poldark season 3 episode 2 was not as bitingly funny as the premiere, even if Aunt Agatha did continue to provide all of the necessary shade-throwing that we require. The best part of the episode to us was actually the sweetness of the romance between Morwenna and Drake; the action for Ross and George’s new appointment seem more like stepping stones to bigger drama that is coming down the line. Grade: B.

What’s next on Poldark season 3?

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