The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: Another Reddington loose end

The Blacklist logo any seasonEarlier this week, we discussed at length a great loose end with The Blacklist: Where is Jennifer Reddington?

For the sake of this article, the subject is something a little bit different: Why did Reddington decide to turn himself in back during the events of the pilot episode? It’s not a move that he had to make, but it was still one that he did. Without that, there would be no Elizabeth Keen as we know her, and she would continue to presumably live out a life with Tom not knowing the sort of man he really was.

Will there be an answer coming to the question this season? For the time being, it’s possible judging from what show executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“We’re on a collision course with that question — Red may not be ready to answer — but it’s an answer that’s coming. First, the bigger problem is that Reddington is starting season 5 broke, his reputation tarnished, his closest criminal confidants have abandoned him, but not Elizabeth Keen. Next season, we’re going to see more of Red than ever before — fearless, starting over, nothing to lose — and that, I promise, is going to be an absolute gas!”

This side of Reddington is clearly the side where some more answers could come out, whether you are talking about his relationship with Liz or anything else. The first thing that could cause him to spiral is the reveal of those bones in the suitcase. Tom has him, and these bones could be what devastates Liz and destroys their relationship once and for all. The second thing, meanwhile, could be dealing more with the aftermath of losing Mr. Kaplan. She’s not your average Blacklister — she was one of his closest allies, and he had an emotional connection there. As these start to unravel, then it’s possible that he may have to take on some of the other questions. With Reddington, there is a reason for every decision that he does. Therefore, he had to know that there was a reason to turn himself in during the time of the pilot. Maybe he thought Liz was at the right point to be receptive to him. Or, maybe he was just bored and decided that this would be the right time to have a little bit of fun.

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