The Bachelorette: DeMario Jackson’s ex-girlfriend ‘Lexi’ defends him

LexiIf you watched The Bacheloretteyou remember DeMario Jackson’s “girlfriend” Lexi who turned up during a group date. Effectively, she ended his time on the show by making it clear that the two of them were together at the time he fell off of the face of the earth and went on the show.

Does Lexi (full name Alexis Thexton) strongly despise DeMario for what he did? It seems that way, but she’s now one of many people chiming in on the Bachelor in Paradise scandal that has taken much of the internet by storm. Speaking per People Magazine, here is what she had to say:

“As much as I think he’s a really s—– dude and he’s not a good person, he’s also not the type of person to ever do something like that and take advantage of somebody who was not conscious or not in a state to give their consent. He loves attention. He’s very charming. Very charismatic. He loves people. He’s always partying. … But he’s not an evil-spirited person … I don’t think he’s good person but, like I said, I don’t think he would do something this horrific and I don’t think he deserves to have his life ruined by these claims.”

Typically, we wouldn’t care in the slightest about what someone from reality TV has to say about an incident between two other people on a different reality show, one that they weren’t there to witness. Yet, there is something noteworthy here given that Lexi has a romantic history with DeMario, and not a favorable one. Apparently, she and Jackson haven’t spoken since the incident on The Bachelorette, which does make a lot of sense.

Monday’s new episode of The Bachelorette will mark a chance for the show to move a little bit behind all of the drama, and focus a little bit on things happening with Rachel Lindsay and her search for love. However, Paradise will come back into the spotlight given the reports that are out there about studio Warner Horizon getting close to come to the end of their investigation into precisely what transpired when it comes to DeMario and Corinne Olympios. Until that time, it remains our philosophy to not offer any speculation and allow the results of the investigation to speak for themselves.

For now, share in the comments if you feel as though Lexi’s comments hold any water. (Photo: ABC.)

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