Reign series finale: Series boss on what she wanted to explore

Reign seriesOne of the biggest things worth noting about the Reign series finale on Friday night is that it was not originally set to be such. While showrunner Laurie McCarthy had some advance warning that it would be the end of the road for the CW show, production of the series had already started, and the plans were already put in place for the course of the story. There were things that had to be rejiggered for this episode to function as a worthy end, and as a result of that, so much is going to be left out.

So if the show had that fifth season, what did McCarthy want to explore further? Speaking to TVLine, she offered up the following:

“You could just go on and on, particularly with Elizabeth and Catherine, and there could have been a very strong fifth season with Mary, following the trajectory of her third marriage, which was to Bothwell. In Scotland, we would have told a tale that was as much as a western as a political drama; she’d be on the run, there would be sieges, there would be a falling out with her brother — there’s a lot that we would have loved to have gotten our arms around. And with Catherine, there was a daughter we had yet to meet whose wedding left Paris running with blood. There was truly a lot.”

Depending on if you are a fan of either Sherlock or Hannibal, maybe you can form a memory palace where some of these ideas can be stored and you can act as though they are reality. It’d be great to envision a fifth season for the show, but the truth of the matter is for now that this seems unlikely. The CW has so many shows that get higher ratings, and the ratings as they are happen to be too low for The CW to be all that eager to jump on the prospect of bringing the show back.

We know that the finale will try to cram a lot in; for now, let’s just hope that it gives you a powerful story that cements Mary’s legacy and accentuates the journey to date. This, at this point, is all you can really hope to have.

Want some further news now around what a potential Reign season 5 could be? Then we suggest that you follow our advice now and head over to the link here. (Photo: The CW.)

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