TV Quick Hits: Megyn Kelly – Alex Jones drama; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt renewed, Goliath season 2 scoop

Alex JonesWe begin today’s edition of TV Quick Hits in the most controversial way imaginable, and that means mostly discussing Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones. Kelly is featuring an interview with the infamous InfoWars personality on her Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly this coming weekend, and as a result of that (and Jones’ horrific statements about Sandy Hook and other incidents), one advertiser in JP Morgan Chase has already backed out. Meanwhile, there is a public backlash over her decision, and she is no longer set to host the Sandy Hook Promise Champions Gala. Some consider this to be her relying on someone famous for conspiracy theories and fear-mongering as a way to draw in ratings for the show.

In a statement (per People Magazine), Kelly defended her decision to air the interview, and also discussed losing the hosting opportunity:

“I understand and respect the decision of the event organizers but I’m of course disappointed that I won’t be there to support them on Wednesday night … I find Alex Jones’s suggestion that Sandy Hook was ‘a hoax’ as personally revolting as every other rational person does. It left me, and many other Americans, asking the very question that prompted this interview: how does Jones, who traffics in these outrageous conspiracy theories, have the respect of the president of the United States and a growing audience of millions?”

Kelly’s argument seems to be to show the horrific nature of some of Jones’ beliefs on a larger platform; however, the criticism by others is that he simply doesn’t deserve it. (Personally, we do tend to side with the latter; if this interview gets even one person believing some of the same stuff that Jones spouts off, it’s harmful for the country and the human race.)

As for some other news…

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt renewed – As if this is a surprise to anyone, Netflix has renewed the Ellie Kemper comedy for a fourth season. While still certainly funny, this is a show that may need a little bit of a further spark to get it back in the public discourse.

Morris Chestnut joins Goliath season 2 – Following the cancellation of Rosewood, Chestnut has joined the Billy Bob Thornton series for its upcoming second season as chief deputy D.A. Hakeem Rashad, a man with a history of clashing with Thornton’s defense attorney. This news was first reported by Deadline; it’s great to see him back on another show so quickly.

As always, we welcome some of your thoughts on this story below. (Photo: NBC.)

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