Stitchers season 3 episode 2 review: Is Maggie leaving?

Stitchers season 3 episode 2 reviewLast week on Freeform’s Stitchersthe story ended with Kirsten making a big revelation when it comes to her mother: She’s out there, and she needs to keep working in order to find her. Also, her relationship with Cameron is heating up.

Here is the problem with where they stand: Cameron is taking on an increased role with the team, and sometimes what he needs to do there may be a little bit at odds with what he wants for her as a person. Maggie is leaving for the time being, and she chose to make Cameron her replacement over Camille (something that she didn’t seem to love). This is why there was a little bit of tension with Camille over why this was happening and why she wasn’t chosen.

Elsewhere on tonight’s episode, what we saw were the beginnings of some new relationships. For Linus, he seemed to develop some sort of feelings for Ivy. He felt grateful to her for helping him, and that was starting to turn into something.

Meanwhile, over for Camille she met a new potential love interest in Amanda, a young woman at the lab who had a thirst for adventure, and for inviting Camille to unorthodox places in order to ensure that she got the results. Let’s just say that they’re starting to bond.

The case of the week

Kirsten tried to get herself back into her old stitching ways because of the death of Sabine, a young woman who found herself killed simply because of what she wouldn’t do more so than anything that she did. Her case was complicated, and of course tied into Russia because so much is these days. Hey, at least it’s not the same sort of Russian cover-up that’s been in the news quite a bit these days, right?

Aside from the exciting conclusion, though, this is a case that took a little while in order to get going. Once it did, there was a cause for excitement.

Overall Take

If you do like your Stitchers episodes aggressive and violent, this one was probably more up your alley given that it put Kirsten and Cameron out in the field in order to ensure that they could get justice. It didn’t have the power of the premiere, but was certainly entertaining in its own right. Grade: B.

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