The Blacklist season 5: Analyzing the Reddington imposter theory

The Blacklist logo any seasonAre there still theories left to discuss when it comes to The Blacklist and Raymond Reddington? It’s all a matter of interpretation.

For now, we do consider some of these theories, and there may also be a certain part of us that is in denial about the big reveal at the end of season 4 being as simple as it seems: Reddington is Elizabeth Keen’s father. There was a DNA test that seemed to offer up proof, but then, a new loose end was introduced in the form of a suitcase chock full of bones.

With that, let’s progress now to the imposter theory, one that is fascinating enough that it throws some water on the idea that the Raymond Reddington DNA tested belongs to the same man that is walking around today and is played by James Spader.

Let’s look at the question this way: What if the Reddington we’ve come to know on this show is not the real Reddington at all, but someone close to him (or a former enemy of his) who has chosen to take his place? It’s an interesting theory just because it does open up once more some of the crazier theories out there, including the one that Reddington is actually Katarina (not that we really believe this one). It just brings the show back to a place where there is an element of mystery to who this man and what he wants with Liz, and a part of what makes the show so interesting is the mystery that is there. There has to be a reason why the DNA used to validate Liz’s paternity was locked away, as opposed to coming from Reddington directly.

In going back to the bones, this would also create an interesting plot point if it turns out that those bones are of the real Raymond Reddington from many years before. This is a devastating secret that is being kept from Liz for a specific reason, and the only two names that could validate such secrecy are either Reddington or Katarina. These are the people who, if dead and kept secret from Liz, would devastate her completely. Having it be Katarina’s remains seems like such a straightforward reveal that it would be surprising for a show that likes to be twisted and against the grain; having two consecutive straightforward reveals with Red being her father and Katarina’s remains being hidden from Liz would be all the more surprising.

There has to be more to this story. If there’s not, the show is really relying on some emotional mileage to pay off all of the waiting and anticipation. The imposter theory is a feasible one; if it’s true, however, the show then has the challenge of trying to write in why it was necessarily, and why someone would want to pretend for so long that they Reddington when they were not. (You could argue that the imposter didn’t want it revealed that Reddington was Liz’s father, since that would ascribe a meaning to their relationship that they weren’t comfortable with. After all, it wouldn’t be true.)

Do you think that there is some validity to the Blacklist imposter theory, or is this all much ado about nothing? Share below!

(Photo: NBC.)

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