Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 3 review: Jeremiah Otto’s world

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 3 reviewFear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 3 started with one big question: Would it be possible for Madison, Nick, and Alicia to find happiness in their new surroundings? The episode began with a commercial for Jeremiah Otto’s compound, a place that he had clearly been planning for some time just in case something like this happened.

In real life, this would probably make Jeremiah a little crazy. Within the Fear the Walking Dead
universe as it is presently constructed, it actually may make him fairly smart. He’s allowed the three to stick around, even if it was hardly a warm welcome. After meeting some of the locals, Jake made it clear that he was not anywhere near as excited about spending time with Nick and his craziness. Jeremiah and Madison then had a tense argument back at his office.

Who was shooting at the helicopter? That was the big question haunting both the Otto family and the Clarks. Nobody seemed to have any answer as to why someone would do this, or who it could be. One of the big questions that we had was whether or not Jake was secretly some sort of crazy / violent guy with a nice-guy act on the surface, but judging from his conversation with Troy, this was not the case. He really does want to be this kind, worthy leader who some of the other people in the town can look up to.

Oh, and one other surprise? Alicia was invited to a “Bible study,” which was really just an excuse for everyone to get together to partake in some “extracurricular” activities. Also, they have a zombie head in cage. Typical teenagers.

This is where things escalate

Madison started to do a little bit of research into who she was staying with, and learned that some of Troy’s violent practices may have stemmed from his father. Jeremiah is clearly a guy with a capacity to be violent and crazy, and it’s something everyone has to be aware of to a certain degree.

Much of what you saw following this was, for Madison, about testing the waters with Jeremiah and figuring out precisely what makes him tick. He showed her his enormous stockpile that he sitting on, and how he’s hoping to build something “better” than before. She’s finding her place, albeit rather slowly..

For Nick, he was sent off on a “hunting” mission, something where he could earn his keep with some of the other guys. He turned that into a chance to torment Troy, at least temporary before the two came to some sort of “agreement,” if you can call it that.

Strand’s search

As you may recall, Victor found himself removed from his “doctor’ post once it became clear that he was not actually a doctor. Therefore, tonight his journey began with him trying to find his way, only to then get bashed in the head. Not exactly a great place for Strand to be. Interestingly, though … this was a friend? It was someone from his past in Dante who he was able to communicate with, someone who apparently knew him before things went crazy in the world. He also oddly cares enough still to wear a suit even though there are zombies around.

It’s a good thing that we presented Dante as a “friend?” as opposed to a “friend,” given that by the end of the hour, we saw him dangle him off a guardrail for dear life. He didn’t meet that grisly of a fate, but he’s hardly in a much better place than that now. The good news? Daniel Salazar is there! How about that for a welcome return?

Final Verdict

It was amazing how fast some of these people moved on from Travis, given that it was just one week ago where the guy died. Maybe this is a necessary evil of this world, but that was a little bit odd. Also, it was odd to see Nick come close to killing Troy so soon given that he understands (to some extent) the importance of fitting in.

Beyond these questions, this was a very entertaining episode of the show that did its best to distract you from some of its prevailing issues. Grade: B.

What’s next on Fear the Walking Dead?

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