Poldark season 3 episode 1 review: Meet Valentine Warleggan

Poldark season 3 premiere reviewPoldark season 2 concluded with a mystery like no other (well, except for daytime talk shows): Who is the father of Elizabeth’s father? While the opening of season 3 did not offer an answer to said question, it did remind you further as to Ross’ paranoia regarding her pregnancy. When he suspected that her horse was getting out of control, he rushed to be at her side. George, unsurprisingly, did not take too kindly to that idea.

When we returned home with Ross as the story progressed, we saw that their relationship was in a much better spot than before. There was still tension, but much of that had to deal with his habit of being all about work every second of the day and a little less about fun.

Everything changed with the arrival of Demelza’s brother Drake, who came to tell her about their father’s ailing condition. Her problem was that her relationship with said father was an abusive one, and with that, there was no hunger to revisit that place with either Drake or fellow brother Sam. At first, it appeared that she was having NONE OF IT. However, at about halfway through the episode she did decide to offer him some respects with as grim as an expression as anyone can have. She received a small smidgen of closure through that.

For Ross, he felt a temptation once more to leave for the battlefields. Alas, this was not something that paid off until later in the episode.

What’s happening with Caroline and Dwight?

She made the decision to be with Dr. Enys at the end of last season, even though she was well aware the relationship would not get the stamp of approval from many others in her life. Alas, the sad news was that when the story began, the two parties were apart … but that didn’t last for long!

One of the most touching moments of the episode was seeing these two people both reunited and then married. Ross and Demelza joined the two for dinner, the ceremony happened, and then … well, you have a good feeling as to what was going to happen before an interruption came into play.

George is still George

We already know that the man is awful, but it’s hardly as though his uncle is a whole lot better with his pressures to get Elizabeth’s son off to boarding school. This was a subject that George brought up further in his first meeting with Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna, a woman Elizabeth seemed less than eager to see. She wasn’t keen on a governess for Geoffrey, and there was an immediate argument after the fact.

Yet, Elizabeth was in a no-win situation here, and eventually she accepted having her cousin more in her life. Also, how awesome is Geoffrey? Him trolling Warleggan over his visit to Ross’ mind was all sorts of priceless, and led to another “conversation” between George and Ross down the line. The only thing funnier than Geoffrey trolling George was George boasting about his unborn child to Ross of all people.

Everything comes to a head

Dr. Enys was called to help care for Elizabeth, which ruined his wedding-night plans. As it turned out, Elizabeth was welcoming a child, and Ross took this as a highly-appropriate time to get drunk. He knew what this meant in his mind: The child was his, though technically that may not be the case. Kids are born early sometimes, after all. The birthing was a painful one, and there were questions throughout as to whether she would survive. Luckily, the child did, and it was a boy! George had a chance to meet his new child, which he named Valentine. Also, commence more trolling about whether or not the child was really is.

(Was this one of the funnier Poldark episodes in some time? Maybe it’s because we love to watch George squirm, but Aunt Agatha’s needling of him was hysterical, even if it did lead to her being carted away in the end.)

The next morning, Ross admitted to Demelza that there “was a conversation that could no longer be avoided” between him and George. He arrived to the bank, and what followed was both compelling and surprising. He determined that he no longer wanted to be associated with George in any way, provided that he made sure that Agatha and his nephew were properly taken care of.

As for his son, apparently Ross just wants to believe that it’s not his son and life is much easier that way.

Quick update on Demelza’s siblings: They are sticking around! They want to spread the good word, but Drake may have an added incentive thanks to Morwenna.

Finally, Caroline came face to face with her uncle following her wedding, but it was not entirely clear as to if she was going to spill the beans on what happened … at first. Eventually she did admit that he had nothing to be sorry for as he passed — maybe this was not a full-on admission, but the point was still there.

Surprise ending – Demelza’s pregnant! Ross has a new child on the way, this one hopefully without all the drama.

Final Verdict

This episode may have been the first episode of Poldark in the calendar year 2017, but it felt very much like the Poldark of old. It was passionate, dramatic, visually stunning, and heartbreaking. If you love brooding scenes of Ross walking and running along the coast in agony, this was the episode for you!

It was the presence of the humor, whether intentional or unintentional, that took us by surprise. A great start to the season, and hopefully a foundation for excellence to come. Grade: A-.

Looking ahead to Poldark season 3 episode 2

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