Could Alias revival happen with Jennifer Garner? There are ideas…

Alias revivalWhile an Alias revival doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to happening, fans of the Jennifer Garner series should know that it’s been discussed! Of course, the caveat here is that said discussions aren’t believed to be all that serious for the time being.

What we know is this: Co-executive producer Josh Appelbaum is certainly open to it, based on what he said (per Entertainment Weekly) while at the ATX Television Festival this weekend.

“It would be amazing to do it; we’ve even talked with J.J. [Abrams] … The right idea would have to come. We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.”

Given how the original show was such a grace source of action and entertainment, there is a good bit of appeal that would come from revisiting that world in another way. Unfortunately, at present Abrams does seem to be very busy with a billion other things going on, and while Garner seems to be interested, it would only come about with J.J.’s involvement in some shape or form.

If this does happen somehow, it’d be great to see it as a six-episode summer series somewhere down the line. It would easily boost some of the ABC ratings to a place that they haven’t been in a while. The biggest thing that we would hope beyond this, though, is that it wouldn’t just become some reboot where someone tries to be the “new” Sydney and Garner is pushed into the background. Her presence made the original show, and we’ve already seen now the end result for 24: Legacy when you try to change something too much to the point where it’s no longer recognized as what it once was. (24: Legacy did have a fe great moments here and there, but it just wasn’t the same show without having Kiefer Sutherland around kicking butt and taking names as Jack Bauer.)

One thing that we are sure of is that the ratings for an Alias revival would absolutely fare better than the ones for Still Star-Crossed at the moment.

If there is anything further to report on when it comes to this idea, obviously we’ll have it for you at around that time.

Do you want to see more Alias, or do you think that not all nostalgia should be brought back for modern viewers to enjoy? Be sure to share now in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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