Sherlock season 5 ‘years’ down the road, says Andrew Scott

Sherlock season 4Let’s go ahead and make it clear, as if it was not clear already: Sherlock season 5 is planning to make you wait a while.

While speaking to Matt Baker in a new interview on the One Show, Baker asked actor Andrew Scott (who plays a certain Moriarty) as to what he thinks will come first: A new General Election, or an opportunity to see more Sherlock on the air. His response (per the Radio Times) was met, understandably, with some sadness:

“I don’t think there’s another series of Sherlock coming soon. I think another General Election would come first! We’re not doing [Sherlock] for another couple of years. Everybody got quite busy, you know? You want to keep it fresh and stuff like that.”

Technically, there is no guarantee that there will even be another season of Sherlock, but this is just something that is fair to assume will likely be coming just because the demand is still out there for more of it. There just isn’t all that much of a hurry for it right now given that the fourth season just aired around five months ago, and in Sherlock terms, that’s practically nothing since we often do tend to get new seasons of this show on a biannual basis at best as it is.

At this point, we’d say that it would be a surprise to get another season of the show before 2020. Even when the show does return, there is still a little bit of work done to it in order to further ensure that it is every bit the series that it could be. For example, the writers could benefit very much from scaling back and focusing more on the characters, the relationship, and the cases. While season 4 was good, it also became unwieldy at times and was far crazier than it really needed to be when you think for a moment about Eurus and everything that was spawned from that situation.

Whenever Sherlock does have some sort of further news to announce, it will probably be in some sort of big reveal where it’s put in a more-official capacity. The big thing to remember here more than anything else is that this is a show that has an enormous following, and you have to think that they will savor the chance to milk this for every second that they possibly can.

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