The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: Liz Keen and the suitcase mystery

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhile the apparent truth about Liz Keen and Raymond Reddington was made clear at the end of The Blacklist season 4, there is still another mystery: The suitcase.

Technically, the suitcase isn’t as much of a mystery to us. We know thanks to that Tom cliffhanger that there are bones in there; yet, Liz doesn’t have all of the information yet, and even when she does, there are other questions. Take, for example, whose bones they are. The idea of them belonging to her mother is one of the more obvious theories, so much so that it’s probably easy to rule it out. Yet, many people ruled out that Reddington was Liz Keen’s father, but here we are. Sometimes, the obvious answer is the right answer, and it’s more about the emotional justification than trying to surprise you. If Reddington did something to cause the death of Katarina Rostova, this is the sort of devastating, terrible thing that could push him away from Liz to the point where he is beyond reproach. That’s something that, in his mind, is probably worth hiding.

Let’s now take a step back, given that we don’t know any of this right now. All that we can say is that the suitcase is in transit. Whether or not it makes it to Liz, though, is an entirely different story. Here is what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp said on that subject to Entertainment Weekly:

“The name on the luggage tag is Elizabeth Keen, so we should assume that a well-packed secret is on its way to Liz … We’ll have to see what happens in transit if it actually gets there, but it does provide us with what is ultimately a much larger story engine in truth to the show. It’s a big turn.”

Given that there’s an entire season at least that needs to be planned, of course it’s going to be a big turn! The show does have to start off a completely new mythology now that Mr. Kaplan is seemingly dead and there are no clear major criminal adversaries waiting to take Liz or Reddington down. Presumably, the latter will still have plenty of other enemies out there, but if you’re going in that direction it’s going to be hard to top someone as personal as Kate.

(Photo: NBC.)

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