The Blacklist 100th episode: What should it be about?

The Blacklist logo any seasonEvery show loves a good opportunity to tell a milestone story, and for The Blacklist, the one they have coming up is with the 100th episode. This will take place at some point during season 5 — it’s hard to know the precise date depending on the schedule, but this is absolutely something worthy of some celebration. There aren’t that many shows these days that make it to this mark, given that you are talking by and large about shows that air shorter seasons, and also ones that are more regularly canceled because of low ratings instead of finding a way to build them back up. Finding your foothold somewhere is effectively no easy task, but The Blacklist has found a way to do it.

So for The Blacklist, how should the cast and crew celebrate 100 episodes of the show — especially assuming that the biggest secret at the heart of the series in the Red / Liz relationship is out of the way? There are a few interesting ways to look at it.

1. Bringing back iconic villains – Of the Blacklisters from the past who are still alive, maybe you find a way to bring them back into the story? Alexander Kirk for one is a good possibility, given that he is still out there. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Kaplan cannot return, but touching on that too much further is going to just make us sad given that she was one of the best characters on the show.

Still, with the 100th episode of the show you do want to touch on the history of the series overall, the characters we all love, and why so many people out there enjoyed it in the first place. This is an opportunity to do just that.

2. Some other Red / Liz reveal – If you want to leave the mystery of the suitcase a secret until this point, you could — even if that is a long time to wait given that it’s already in Tom’s possession. Technically, you do know that there are bones in there, but that doesn’t really resolve much of anything other than that someone died a long time ago. More answers, please!

3. A big-name guest star – Think in terms of getting Ron Pearlman for the show when it aired after the Super Bowl. Why not try to book an extremely familiar face to come on and be an adversary of some sort? It can be just a one-off, but great one-off villains often define the show.

Are there any ideas that you have for The Blacklist 100th episode this far in advance? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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