The Bachelorette: Why Chad Johnson doesn’t need Bachelor in Paradise 4

Chad JohnsonGoing into this season of Bachelor in Paradiseit was pretty darn clear that Chad Johnson was going to be a favorite. Yet, he wasn’t in the initial cast release for the show, and it appears now that he’s not going to be a part of the season at all … provided that the show doesn’t do anything crazy and cast someone with a significant other. (They would never do that, right … right?)

Anyone, Chad revealed recently in a live chat with Entertainment Tonight that he is now dating a model by the name of Zoe Baron, and the two are now fairly happy together:

“I do have a girlfriend right now. We’ve been dating off and on I think two or three months and I think we made it official like two weeks ago.”

Maybe Chad learning something about himself while working on the upcoming second season of Famously Single? It’s possible, since long-term relationships aren’t what you would associate with the guy who notoriously flipped out all of the time on JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season and was kicked out of Bachelor in Paradise last year after only a single episode. Still, people evolve, so good on him if he is really able to do just that.

The thing about Chad is that, one way or another, he’ll probably continue to be around the reality TV circuit whatever his job ends up being. One of the things that you do have to remember with a guy like this is that he knows his role and then he plays it. Sure, that role is that of a heel, but we don’t exactly get a sense that he’s upset with that. The dude embraces it, for crying out loud!

One sign that Chad’s maturing – He briefly thought about trademarking Whaboom, the catchphrase of Lucas on this season. However, he decided not to do it when he realized that he went home so soon. (Okay, maybe this is not maturing so much as it is him just realizing that there wouldn’t be easy money out of it.)

If you missed it, you can head over here to get some more news when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise, including a take on some of the problems with this season. Meanwhile, there are some new episodes of The Bachelorette proper still airing on Monday nights. (Photo: ABC.)

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