Pretty Little Liars season 7: Discussing those ‘Mona is AD’ theories

Mona is ADWith the Pretty Little Liars series finale coming in just a few weeks now, it feels like the right time to start touching more on some of the show’s most prevailing theories.

Today, this one is fairly simple in that it stems directly from what was on the episode itself: That Mona is somehow AD and is response for causing much of the drama in the Liars’ life with the game and also the torment of Aria Montgomery.

Does the show want you to think Mona is AD? Absolutely, a million times yes! The closing minutes of last night’s episode prove it given that Mona has about a trillion pieces of evidence on AD, Charlotte, and everything that’s happened since the show jumped forward five years. This is someone who’s always had that sort of obsessive gene about her, and if anyone thought that she’d let that go over time, it’s easy to question that. This is, for better or worse, who Mona is as a person. You just have to accept that.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that she is AD. Even her having the shovels Hanna was looking for is hardly proof that she is AD. A more likely story could be as follows.

1. She was misleading the Liars about her suspect list. Mona is someone who likes to operate alone. She may have a very good idea as to who AD is, but the last thing that she wants to do is clue other people in on it without being fairly sure of herself and her plans.

2. She doesn’t trust the Liars to keep the evidence safe. Mona specifically referenced last night that her own skill set is vastly superior to that of Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer. Why would she want them to have what she construes to be valuable evidence?

3. Mona doesn’t trust Aria. That’s what seeing her at The Brew last night was probably all about, since she’s been able to likely figure out that Aria is working as a double agent at the moment and doesn’t want her to have any access to some of the truth.

Mona probably does also have a certain fascination of learning who is AD for the sake of her own benefit. She has psychopathic tendencies, and there may be a part of her that admires AD for their handiwork. That doesn’t mean she would support AD when they are discovered, but there is still that common thread there that the two characters have in common.

What do you think Mona’s real endgame is on Pretty Little Liars? Be sure to share now in the comments!

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