13 Reasons Why season 2 spoilers: Katherine Langford returning

LangfordEven though the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why was about Hannah’s death, here is a surprise: Katherine Langford is coming back.

Speaking per TV Guide at a recent For Your Consideration event for the show’s first season, series lead Katherine Langford (who we consider to be a major contender in the Best Actress category) made it clear that she is still a part of season 2. More than likely, she will continue on the show via some dream sequences / flashbacks, which makes some sense given that her death doesn’t mean that her soul is gone from the other characters she impacted in some way.

Is this a big risk? Absolutely, since you can argue that seeing Hannah at this point is the sort of thing that could take away the impact of what happened in season 1. There are still ways that it could work, but you need to weave her into stories that do correlate her exit with some sort of gaping hole left for the other characters. Her absence still needs to be felt in a significant way.

As for what could be coming in this upcoming season for another important character in Clay, Dylan Minnette offered up the following:

“I would like to know that Clay is healthy and away from his anxiety issues, but I think if Clay were to fully separate from his anxiety that would be a little surprising because I don’t think it’s just easy to get rid of. I’m sure Clay’s anxiety will come back into play, and I’m interested to see if he can actually escape the memory of Hannah or if he’ll still be seeing her or not.”

Whatever happens in this season is almost certainly going to cause some discussion among viewers. One of the big things to remember here is that after the suicide, it’s not like everyone will be separated from serious problems. This is a show that touches on real-life problems in a way that is jarring, harrowing, and also real. It’s going to make some people out there uncomfortable, but that at times can be necessary to cause key discussions to happen.

Do you think that we need a 13 Reasons Why season 2, and what do you want to see over the course of it? Share now in the comments below! (Photo: Netflix.)

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