Will Megyn Kelly’s NBC show last following debut episode?

Megyn Kelly's NBC showMegyn Kelly’s NBC show, fittingly titled Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, is now a little over an hour past its premiere. Was it a worthy start, or an early sign that this experiment is doomed to fail? Ultimately, it may be a little bit of hope.

The biggest thing potentially holding Kelly back at the moment is the simple notion of reputation. She was on a network in Fox News strongly disliked by liberals, and she is now on a network in NBC strongly disliked by conservatives. This is not an era of forgiveness, or people changing their minds on someone after forming an opinion. Kelly will have a hard time detaching herself from her past, and even winning over some of her old viewers who feel like she no longer represents her values.

As for this first episode, there were some hits and misses. When Kelly takes on more human pieces, she shines. However, the entire hyped interview with Vladimir Putin was a waste of time, given that the majority of it was spent watching the Russian leader deny much of what was thrown at him. It wasn’t an interesting interview beyond that it was notable. Basically, the hype began and end with it being an interview featuring Vladimir Putin on a major American network show.

The fact of the matter here is that Kelly’s show will be judged in the long game far more than it is judged based on an individual broadcast. After all, NBC is investing a considerable lot into this show, in between these Sunday night broadcasts (which will air until the NFL comes around this fall) and then a morning show starting up this fall. You better believe that they are not going to bail on the show if the ratings come out poorly tomorrow. After all, they don’t have any real reason to do that given that they don’t have anything else generating remotely these sort of headlines Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.

Next week, one of the main interviews seems to be with Erin Andrews, and that in itself should mark for a rather significant change of pace from everything that was seen over the premiere airing.

What do you think about Kelly’s show after one viewing … if you even watched it? Share in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)

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