Pretty Little Liars series finale: Are A.D. hints hidden in plain sight?

A.D. hintsEveryone understandably wants some A.D. hints on Pretty Little Liarsbut how shocking would it be if many of them were right before your eyes? Apparently, this is something that’s been happening for a little while now, and at the point in which you see some of them play out you may want to start shaking your fist at the heavens in disbelief.

Speaking per Entertainment Tonight, someone who would certainly know all about this more than anyone in Brendan Robinson (Lucas) made it abundantly clear that some of these hints have been sprinkled in on the show for a rather long time now:

“I won’t tell you what specific clues there are but there are hints that have been dropped for a long time … When I found out who it was, I hadn’t read the script yet, because it was a couple weeks in advance and it didn’t make total sense to me at first. And then, when I saw the script and I read it and we all sat down – and the people that are involved in those scenes do a really, really phenomenal job – all the questions are answered and it made sense.”

Basically, you may start screaming at your TV once you see some of these A.D. hints turn into something tangible at the end of the series. There are probably some people out there who have managed to get the answers correct over the years, even though there are plenty of others who main remain somewhat befuddled by it. (The thing we’re eagerly awaiting following the finale is the trillion or so people who are going to come out of the woodwork proclaiming that they were right the whole time, but not providing much in the way of tangible proof as to that being true.)

At this point, it’s hard to care as much about who A.D. actually is. Instead, this is a little bit more about finding a way for this reveal to turn out that makes complete sense both to the story and the future of these characters.

What do you want to see on Pretty Little Liars in terms of the big A.D. reveal? Do you think that there is ANY way to match the level of hype that is out there? Share below!

Meanwhile, head over here for some further news on the future of the show. (Photo: Freeform.)

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